At Wiseowls Learning we promote learning as well as encourage participation in class. We will motivate your child to work to the best of their ability. We will help build confidence and self belief.


At Wiseowls Learning we will help your child to prepare for the Local Grammar Schools and the Independent Schools 11+ entry exams.


At Wiseowls Learning we will help your child to work independently through progression.


At Wiseowls Learning we will encourage and help your child to achieve their goal and be confident and prepared to take the 11+ entry exam. Our aim is to help your child to succeed.


Good punctuation and an awareness of good grammar, comprehension and creative writing are all essential tools in passing the 11+ exam.


To be successful in the 11+ exam it is important that your child acquires a thorough understanding of the following basics of maths:
Number operation
Handling Data
Space and Measure

Verbal Reasoning

This entails critical thinking, quick and accurate problem solving and reasoning based around words and language. The 11+ entry exam requires an understanding of Verbal Reasoning. It is not taught in schools.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning is used to test a child's ability to logically work out problems based around pictures, diagrams and shapes, rather than words.